Vasoin Gigi

The dr. Vasoin De Luigi Prosperi ‘s 1941 student of the history of the Italian Renaissance and medieval history from 1980 to Padua .

He has written books and articles and holds several conferences in Padova and Veneto. Is an honorary member of the Circle of Historic Padua. In addition, collaborating since 1985 writing a story a month in the journal ” Quatro Ciacoe ” spread throughout the monde where there are colonies of emigrants from the Veneto and Giuliani . The stories in the vernacular Padua , under the heading ” living memory ” , dealing with history , art, culture , sport, gastronomy , traditions, customs and traditions in Padua of the ’30s and ’40s. The arguments are not only of those years, but saputi arguments by the author in those years and also relative to previous centuries. The author has already collected 135 stories in two books titled “A Padua ….. many ani ago ” , already published as” parts one and two . ” With this book of the same title ” third party ” , collected 70 stories treating the same subject, but in different content . The dr. Vasoin is a member of the Lions Club Hosts Padua and Italian Academy of Cuisine . It is a corresponding member of the Academy of Galilean Science, Literature and Arts of Padua. On behalf of the City of Padua has been a member of the Scientific Committee for the preparation of the “Museum of the Risorgimento and the contemporary age ,” as well as the Scientific Committee for the preparation of the exhibition ” Francesco Petrarca Padova .” Is vice-president of the Patriotic Association ” Society of Solferino and San Martino .” He played until 1985 an intense political activity on a national and local level. He had the Municipality of Padua honors of ” Excellent Padovano “, and ” The Seal of the City ” , as well as by the Province the honor of ” Strapadovan .”

Recently, for his studies , his research , his writings Risorgimento , the House of Savoy , he was awarded the Sovereign Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus.