Soranzo Aurora

Born in 1985 , graduating in History and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Padua art daughter of the famous writer who died Dario Soranzo author of the Opera ” The Names of the Venetians ,” since her teens approaching the world of culture especially in the context of linguistics . The main tools of Linguistics are analyzing historical records and comparison of internal features – vocabulary , morphology and syntax – of current and extinct languages ​​. The aim is to trace the development and genetic affiliations of the languages ​​in the world, and to understand the process of linguistic evolution . A classification of all the languages ​​in the family trees is both an important and a necessary tool in this effort. Currently , Soranzo collaborates with several magazines Venetians in historical context . Organising cultural events on the history Veneta collaborated with Nicola Brusco to disseminate local history through the animated character ” Dino from Sandrà ,” is a passionate photographer and researcher from the archives. Appointed in 2010 as part of the Council Commission and School Culture as a “national expert” to 6 district of Padua.