Carlo Frison

Carlo Frison (Padua , 1946) , a chemistry teacher in high school , he combined scientific training in the humanities , referring back to the example of the natural philosophers until the eighteenth century that ranged from physics to metaphysics. His studies relate to biblical themes , the thought of astrologers – astronomers of the past, the archaeo- astronomy of the city Po and the history of the ancient Veneto . The main publications are :

The biblical prehistory . That is when the man lost a rib (1979). The Atlanteans and the Cainites . Two legends of prehistoric peoples mediterranean (1981). The appearance of man according to the myths about the primeval races (1983). The tale of Gilgamesh in the land of the living (1984). From pilpotis to doge . The collegiality of the Venetian government (1997). The Christmas and the holidays of the full moon in the monotheistic religions (2000). In the name of Elohim and Yahweh and the Holy Spirit ( 2012).

Strictly scientific argument is that test : The law of the four shells of the solar system in relation to the units of Planck (2013) .