The Editrice Il Torchio was born in Padua in 2000, formally as a publisher at the disposal of the authors wishing to publish a few copies of a text on your own
The main activity was to copying and printing center. Then in 2009, is the quantum leap: the thrust of Prof. Bruno Liberalotto Onorelli, public directly guide the art-historical “Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta,” which to this day a great success.
Over the past four years has grown considerably and Public Works of every genre, specializing in fiction and nonfiction.
On 1 June 2013 she was awarded the “Premio Internazionale Mondolibro” with the Opera “What is certain.”
It also offers several other services that you can find on the site, including the printing and binding of the thesis.
What differentiates it from most other publishing? Surely the fact that the author is followed by A to Z: the tools are provided as important as the organization of dissemination of the Opera and published presentations. Not to mention that, depending on your needs, the author may also be followed during the writing of testo.Inoltre distribution of publications is treated directly, without the aid of distribution companies. This allows us to work better and therefore have a deeper understanding of the preferences of readers.
Thanks to some publications of general interest that have won awards and excellent results at the level of criticism and appreciation on the part of the reader, we are working to be more emphasis on a national scale, so as to ensure the Author and the Opera same greater visibility and thus increase the tools to be made available to the user.

Our publishing house was founded with the primary objective to be available to the authors not known to the general public or even the first experience in the field of book production. The Editrice Il Torchio identified for this purpose a support path to the author, which modes are examined on a case by case basis by mutual agreement.

M.Serri - Owner

  • lettura del testo
  • impostazione delle pagine
  • eventuale correzione del testo
  • eventuale inserimento delle immagini
  • studio della copertina
  • prima bozzacorrezione prima bozza
  • esame dell’aspetto grafico
  • esame dei supporti cartacei da utilizzare
  • organizzazione della diffusione
  • organizzazione degli eventi legati alla promozione (presentazioni, rassegne, aperitivi con l’autore, concorsi letterari…)
  • inserimento dei titoli e delle biografie degli autori nel web.










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